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Indian Spices

Turmeric Finger

The Turmeric Finger that we offer has made us a known supplier based in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. These offered fingers can be ground to produce a fine powder for use. Turmeric is not only used for cooking but is also quite popular for using in a number of home remedies and also because of its deep yellow colour it is sometimes



From our unit in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu we are listed amongst the well-known suppliers of Cloves. The small dried black buds that we offer are full of their distinctive aroma and flavour. In addition to its culinary uses cloves and especially clove oil has numerous medicinal uses as well. The remedies made from cloves are


Cinnamon Sticks

From Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu we are counted amongst the recognised suppliers of Cinnamon Sticks. The sticks we offer can be used whole or pounded into a powder to add flavour and enhance the aroma of any sweet or savoury dish. The good quality cinnamon offered is thoroughly processed and dried to ensure that it has a long